Busy healthcare professionals who need a flexible training option can choose this course at www.onlineaha.org for first-time or renewal certification. Students first complete online lessons and then meet with an AHA instructor for skills practice and testing.

Please call for appointment availability before completing part 1.

After completing Part 1 online, you will need to complete a skills review at our office. After completing your skills review you will receive a two year certification card. Students must bring their completion certificate to class. Appointments are required. There is an additional fee for this service.

Online CPR and First Aid Programs are available at www.onlineaha.org. Ask our scheduling department about completing your program via the Internet.

We do not receive funds from online programs. There is a separate fee for scheduling your skills session. Please contact Eclipse CPR training prior to enrolling in your e-Learning program as appointment times for skills session vary. We cannot guarantee immediate placement in a skill session appointment.