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by Brandi Hawkins on Eclipse CPR Training
BLS-healthcare provider

I have been CPR certified for over 20 years. Mark's class is one of the best I have ever had. He is proof that you can combine good humor and exceptional teaching. I enjoyed getting all current updates and research.

by Bernice Whittaker on Eclipse CPR Training

I thoroughly enjoyed the BLS course with Mark. In 18 1/2 years that is the first time I have said that! In addition, I learned more in Mark's course than any other course I have taken. He made the course interesting, he engaged the class, and he put everyone at ease. I was surprised when the course was completed as to how quickly the time went. If he isn't already, Mark should be doing train the trainer courses. Thank you, Bernice

by Kimberly Zuern on Eclipse CPR Training

Just completed my BLS for healthcare workers,it was the best class I have ever taken. Mark presents the information with humor. It is also very easy to register and we got out on time. Thanks Mark!!!

Kimberly RN

by Stephanie McGinnis on Eclipse CPR Training

This was my first CPR class and it was great!I felt intimidated at the idea of becoming certified but Mark put me at ease from the very beginning. The class was absolutly perfect and exceeded my expectations! Mark was engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I felt the teaching style as well as the skills we practiced in class have made a major impact and I feel very confident in my new skillset. Thank you!!I would encourage anyone to go to Eclipse for certification it was AMAZING!

by Sue Whitsell on Eclipse CPR Training
BLS for Healthcare P.

Just came back from my second time recertification with Eclipse and Mark Falconer. Absolutely THE BEST. I found it easy to follow, he kept my interest as he's a bit of an entertainer! Just the right amount of repetition of key facts. The video component along with hands on practice with adult and infant mannequins as well as with the AED were just right. Mark is a born teacher. Keeps up on the latest changes and informs us. Super. Super. Super. Don't change a thing.

ACLS course

Eclipse provides an excellent professional and concise ACLS renewal course.

ACLS Renewal Course

This is a class I would always cringe at when it came to renewal time. I have been a nurse for > 38 years and have NEVER gotten used to the pressure I always felt I was under when I took this class. HOWEVER, after just completing a renewal class with Mark ( the owner) I will never feel this way again. As long as I am able to take it with him teaching. He was so enthusiastic, informative and engaging that I felt I was only a "student" but was a professional. Way to go Mark. You have captured the teaching style that has been missing from ACLS.

by Vicki K. on Eclipse CPR Training

This is, by far, THE BEST CPR training I have ever had!
The information is presented in a way that is EZ to get and he makes it so much fun! The time just flew by.
Handouts were very helpful and everyone had their own mannequins both adult and baby!
Thanks Mark for a very ENJOYABLE class!
I would recommend you to everyone I know!

by Melissa E. on Eclipse CPR Training

First... wow. I had a really great experience in this class. Mark (whom I believe is the owner) was my instructor this time around. He's enthusiastic, intuitive and presented the information in a way that I felt like I was participating in the learning process. In previous classes elsewhere, we watched a video and then played pretend with the dummies, and then read some stuff in a book and took a test, straightforward, but not engaging or even entertaining.

Eclipse has it figured out. Engage your audience and they will be successful! Now, if you want to go to a class where you will sit quietly and watch a movie and take your test quietly, this is not the class for you. You might be singled out to answer a question! You might be asked to demonstrate what you just learned, and then the class will do that with you too! Mark may jump up on a table and tell you information in a boisterous voice! You may find yourself laughing at his super cheesy jokes. At the end the class you may realize that your instructor has not-so-gently slipped all the answers into the information he's presented to you. The teaching process here is interesting and helpful so that when I took the test at the end I had retained the information Mark had presented (I only missed one question).

I will go back to this location as long as I have to renew every 2 years.