First Aid & CPR Training


First Aid Classes is for individuals and businesses who have  occupational requirements for CPR but who are not healthcare providers.  Examples include: Educators, City Employees, Daycare Providers, Coaches  and Students. 

First Aid & CPR Class Description

In the event of a disaster, emergency medical response may be delayed  because of the remoteness of your home or by adverse conditions, such as  roads blocked by floodwater or debris. While precious minutes slip by,  your emergency training could mean the difference between life and  death. Properly administered first aid or CPR can help stabilize an  injured or ailing family member until help arrives. This course will  certify you in both CPR and First Aid therefore increasing your ability to administer life saving methods at critical times when family and others may need it most. 

Class Schedule

 Reservations are required! See “Schedule Now”  page or call our office to find out when classes are being held. If you  are unable to obtain the correct AHA textbook prior to class you will  be asked to purchase one the day of your course. Students are required  to have the appropriate textbook the day of their class.

CPR and First Aid Refund Policy


All sales are final; there are no refunds for any reason. We will  however reschedule you one time only at no charge if you call to cancel  your appointment greater than 24hrs prior to your appointment. If you  call less than 24hrs prior to your appointment or miss your appointment  for any reason there is a $20.00 dollar rescheduling fee that must be  made prior to your next appointment.


Impotant Info


  • Course length is approximately 4.5 hours
  • Reservations are required
  • You must have the appropriate AHA textbook for this course Ebook and Textbook

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